Onam Festival Is Celebrated In Which State | Onam Is The Main Festival Of Which State?

Onam Festival Is Celebrated In Which StateOnam Festival Is Celebrated In Which State

Onam Festival Is Celebrated In Which State: The vibrant festival of Onam is a cherished cultural event celebrated in the southern state of Kerala, India. This annual festival holds immense significance as it brings together people from all walks of life to partake in the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Kerala. Through its elaborate rituals, sumptuous feasts, and colorful festivities, Onam showcases the unity and diversity that defines the state.

The Origin and Legend of Onam

Legend of King Mahabali

Onam is deeply rooted in Hindu mythology and is associated with the legendary King Mahabali. According to the myth, King Mahabali, known for his benevolence and righteousness, ruled Kerala and brought prosperity to the land. His reign was marked by equality and harmony, earning him the devotion of his subjects.

Vamana Avatar

Vamana, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, visited King Mahabali in the form of a dwarf Brahmin. The king’s devotion was so profound that he offered to grant any wish to the Brahmin. Vamana requested three paces of land, and with his first two steps, he covered the entire universe. In humility, Mahabali offered his head for Vamana’s third step. Onam Festival Is Celebrated In Which State.

Eternal Bond

Impressed by Mahabali’s generosity, Vamana granted him a boon that allowed Mahabali to visit his kingdom and people once a year. This visit is celebrated as Onam, symbolizing the eternal bond between the king and his land.

Onam: A Grand 10-day Celebration

Atham – The Commencement

The festivities span ten days, commencing with the auspicious day of Atham. The first day marks the beginning of the Atham star’s appearance and sets the stage for the grand celebration.

Pookalam – Floral Rangoli

One of the highlights of Onam is the creation of vibrant flower carpets known as Pookalam. Each day, more flowers are added to the design, culminating in an intricate and colorful floral rangoli.

Vallamkali – Snake Boat Race

The Vallamkali or snake boat race is a thrilling water sport held during Onam. Teams row traditional longboats, adorned with colorful flags and ornaments, in a fiercely competitive race.

Sadya – The Grand Feast

A major attraction of Onam is the traditional Sadya feast. Served on banana leaves, the elaborate meal consists of various delicacies, each bursting with flavors unique to Kerala’s culinary heritage.

Kaikottikali – Clap Dance

Kaikottikali, a traditional dance performed by women, adds grace to the festivities. Dancers form circles, clapping hands rhythmically, and moving to the beats of traditional songs.

Pulikali – Tiger Dance

Pulikali, or tiger dance, is a quirky folk art where participants paint themselves as tigers and leopards. This vibrant and energetic performance adds a touch of playfulness to the celebrations.

Onam Beyond Borders

Universal Appeal

While deeply rooted in Hindu traditions, Onam transcends religious boundaries. People of all faiths, including Christians and Muslims, enthusiastically participate in the festivities, showcasing Kerala’s harmonious cultural blend.

Global Recognition

In recent years, Onam has gained international recognition, attracting tourists and curiosity from around the world. Its rich cultural tapestry, music, dance, and unique rituals make it a captivating experience.

Preserving Traditions for the Future

Challenges and Adaptations

In the modern age, the essence of Onam remains intact, but the celebrations have evolved to meet the changing times. The advent of technology has influenced how Onam is celebrated, but efforts are made to preserve the authenticity and traditions.

Onam in the Digital Era

Social media and digital platforms now play a significant role in spreading the joy of Onam. Virtual Pookalam competitions, online cooking classes for traditional recipes, and live streaming of cultural events have become integral parts of the celebration.

Balancing Modernity and Tradition

While embracing modernity, Kerala diligently preserves its cultural heritage. The younger generation actively participates in traditional art forms and rituals, ensuring the festival’s continuity.


Onam Festival Is Celebrated In Which State: Onam, the festival of colors, unity, and tradition, beautifully encapsulates the spirit of Kerala. With its vivid rituals, sumptuous feasts, and diverse celebrations, this annual event showcases the vibrant cultural fabric of the state. As Onam continues to evolve with the times, it remains a symbol of Kerala’s rich history and the enduring spirit of its people.

FAQs: Onam Festival Is Celebrated In Which State

  1. When is Onam celebrated?

    Onam is celebrated during the Malayalam month of Chingam, usually falling in August or September.

  2. Is Onam a religious festival?

    Although rooted in Hindu mythology, Onam is celebrated by people of all faiths in Kerala.

  3. How do people outside Kerala celebrate Onam?

    Kerala’s diaspora worldwide celebrates Onam with fervor, often organizing cultural events, feasts, and traditional performances.

  4. What is the significance of the floral rangoli, Pookalam?

    Pookalam is created daily during Onam using colorful flowers to welcome King Mahabali and to bring positivity to homes.

  5. How can tourists participate in Onam celebrations?

    Tourists can enjoy Onam by witnessing Vallamkali, indulging in Sadya feasts, and experiencing the various cultural performances and rituals.