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Tulsidas Jayanti QuotesTulsidas Jayanti Quotes

Tulsidas Jayanti Quotes: Tulsidas Jayanti is a significant celebration that commemorates the birth anniversary of the revered saint-poet Tulsidas. His life and teachings have left an indelible mark on Indian literature, spirituality, and philosophy. Through his remarkable works, Tulsidas has shared profound insights that continue to inspire and guide people across generations. In this article, we delve into some of the most enlightening Tulsidas Jayanti quotes that encapsulate his wisdom and offer timeless life lessons.

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Tulsidas Jayanti Quotes

“रहिमन धागा प्रेम का, मत तोरो चटकाय।”

Embrace the Thread of Love, Don’t Snap it Prematurely

Tulsidas emphasizes the significance of love in this beautiful quote. Just as a delicate thread requires care to avoid breaking, love should be nurtured and protected to thrive. Tulsidas Jayanti Quotes.

“सत्य को अहंकार नहीं, शब्द को अनुभव करो।”

Humble Yourself Before Truth, Experience the Essence Beyond Words

Tulsidas underscores the humility required to comprehend truth. Instead of boasting about knowing the truth, one should delve into the experiential aspect of it, transcending mere words.

“सुख में तुम्हीं तृष्णा, दुःख में तुम्हीं रोग।”

Desire Arises in Happiness, Ailment Persists in Sorrow

In this insightful quote, Tulsidas draws attention to the cycle of desires and sufferings. When contentment is found in happiness and peace in sorrow, true liberation is attained.

“जीवन के अद्भुत रहस्य को जानो, ताकि अंत में तुम खुद को पा सको।”

Unveil Life’s Marvelous Secrets, So You Find Yourself in the End

Tulsidas encourages seekers to unravel the mysteries of life. By understanding the deeper meanings, one can ultimately discover their true self.

“काम करें, करोड़ियों में कोई भी न देखे।”

Work Diligently, Unseen Amidst Millions

This quote emphasizes the humility of working earnestly without seeking recognition. True value lies in the effort invested, regardless of whether it receives public acclaim.

“विद्या विनय देत सब को, विद्या रहे तब नहीं कोई।”

Education Bestows Humility to All, But Only When Knowledge Is Present

Tulsidas underscores the importance of humility accompanied by knowledge. True education is not just about academic learning; it’s about imbibing wisdom and modesty.

“परहित सरिस धरम नहीं भाई।”

Benevolence is the True Religion, O Brother

In this quote, Tulsidas extols the virtue of benevolence. He emphasizes that true religion lies in selflessly serving others and contributing to their well-being.

“मन चंचल बिचार सब कोई, अच्छन्त पूजे नर नाई।”

Everyone Judges Based on Fickle Minds, The Unseen Worshipper is Unraveled

Tulsidas reminds us that human judgments are often swayed by fleeting thoughts. The one who truly worships isn’t necessarily the one seen performing rituals, but the one whose intentions are pure.

“हरि अनुरुप जन प्राणी, सब को सम रहत दिखावे।”

The Lord Resides Equally in All Beings, Demonstrating Universality

Tulsidas’s quote elucidates the universality of divinity. The essence of the divine dwells in every being, transcending all distinctions.

“सुख को धयावत सब कोई, दुख में नहीं कोई।”

All Praise Happiness, None in Sorrow’s Embrace

This quote highlights human tendencies to chase happiness while avoiding suffering. Tulsidas suggests embracing pain with equal acceptance, for it too holds valuable teachings.

“काम क्रोध की वारी नहीं, रहे व्याधि व्याधि होई।”

Desires and Anger are Unrelenting, Feeding Illnesses Unceasingly

Tulsidas draws a connection between unchecked desires, anger, and their impact on physical and mental health. He advises seeking inner balance to avoid falling into the trap of suffering.

“नींदिये से पूत नहीं आवत, बिन सुपन सुख न होई।”

Sons of Sleep Bring No Gain, No True Joy Without Noble Dreams

This quote underscores the importance of ambitious aspirations. Tulsidas suggests that meaningful dreams and goals lead to fulfillment, unlike the barrenness of mere slumber.

“बिन देखे परलोकन को, कोई नहीं मोहि डारे।”

None Fears the Unseen Beyond, Yet I Tremble Unfounded

Tulsidas’s introspective quote contemplates the human fear of the unknown. He admits his own apprehensions while acknowledging that the beyond is not inherently fearful.

“जो दीन दयाल रघुपति प्रिय, सो मम हिय हरष में तरे।”

The Compassionate Lord Rama Fills My Heart with Joy

In this quote, Tulsidas expresses his deep connection with Lord Rama, who brings him boundless joy through his compassionate nature.


Tulsidas Jayanti Quotes: Tulsidas’s teachings transcend time and culture, offering profound insights into leading a purposeful and balanced life. His quotes remind us of the importance of love, humility, and self-awareness. By embracing these lessons, we can navigate life’s challenges with grace and find inner fulfillment.

FAQs: Tulsidas Jayanti Quotes

  1. When is Tulsidas Jayanti celebrated?

    Tulsidas Jayanti is celebrated on the occasion of his birth anniversary, which falls on the seventh day of the bright half of the month of Shravan in the Hindu calendar.

  2. What are Tulsidas’s most famous works?

    Tulsidas is best known for his epic poem “Ramcharitmanas,” which narrates the life and deeds of Lord Rama. Other notable works include “Dohavali” and “Vinaya Patrika.”

  3. How did Tulsidas contribute to spirituality?

    Tulsidas’s works played a significant role in popularizing the ideals of devotion, righteousness, and morality. His writings bridged the gap between scholarly Sanskrit literature and the vernacular language of the masses.

  4. Are Tulsidas’s teachings relevant today?

    Absolutely. Tulsidas’s teachings hold timeless wisdom that is applicable to modern life. His emphasis on love, humility, and self-discovery remains relevant for personal growth and well-being.

  5. Where can I learn more about Tulsidas and his philosophy?

    You can explore Tulsidas’s life, works, and philosophy through books, online resources, and cultural institutions dedicated to preserving his legacy.