What Are The 10 Days Of Onam | Onam 2023: 10 Days Of Festival, Legends And Games

What Are The 10 Days Of OnamWhat Are The 10 Days Of Onam

What Are The 10 Days Of Onam: Onam, the vibrant and colorful harvest festival of Kerala, India, is a grand celebration that spans over ten days. This cultural extravaganza is a time of joy, unity, and festivities for the people of Kerala. Let’s delve into the captivating journey of the ten days of Onam and explore the significance behind each day.

Day 1: Atham

The celebrations kick off with the day of Atham, which marks the start of the Onam festivities. People begin cleaning and decorating their homes with intricate floral arrangements called Pookalam. It sets the tone for the upcoming days of jubilation.

Day 2: Chithira

Chithira is a day of anticipation and excitement. People continue to create vibrant Pookalams and engage in cultural activities. Traditional dance forms like Thiruvathirakali and Pulikali are performed, adding a lively touch to the celebrations. What Are The 10 Days Of Onam.

Day 3: Chodhi

On Chodhi, the preparations escalate as families engage in buying new clothes and household items. The aroma of traditional dishes fills the air as people start to prepare for the grand feast, Onam Sadhya.

Day 4: Vishakam

Vishakam is dedicated to worshipping Lord Vishnu in preparation for the main event. Elaborate processions and folk performances are common during this day.

Day 5: Anizham

Anizham is characterized by the construction of grand snake-shaped designs made from rice flour, known as Pookkalam. These intricate patterns hold cultural and religious significance.

Day 6: Thriketa

Thriketa marks the onset of shopping for the festival. Markets bustle with activity as people buy gifts and essentials for their loved ones. The unity and camaraderie among communities are palpable.

Day 7: Moolam

On Moolam, families come together to prepare for the grand feast by cooking a variety of delicious dishes. The aroma of various spices and flavors fills every household.

Day 8: Pooradam

Pooradam is marked by the creation of clay idols known as Onathappan, which symbolize the spirit of King Mahabali, a central figure in Onam mythology. These idols are placed at the center of Pookalams.

Day 9: Uthradam

Uthradam is a day of giving and charity. Families extend their help to those in need, ensuring that everyone can partake in the joyous festivities.

Day 10: Thiruvonam

The pinnacle of Onam, Thiruvonam, is a day of grandeur and celebration. Families gather for a sumptuous Sadhya, a traditional feast served on banana leaves. The day is replete with cultural performances, games, and joyous revelry.

Celebrations and Traditions

Throughout the ten days, various cultural events, such as boat races, folk dances, and music performances, contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Onam. People dress in traditional attire, with women wearing elegant sarees and men donning dhotis.

Rituals and Customs

Rituals like laying Pookalams, participating in processions, and performing pujas hold immense significance. The lighting of traditional lamps, known as Nilavilakku, symbolizes the victory of light over darkness.

Onam Sadhya: The Grand Feast

No discussion of Onam is complete without mentioning the grand feast, Sadhya. A delectable spread of dishes, from rice and curries to sweets and pickles, is served on banana leaves. The culinary expertise and diversity of flavors in Sadhya are truly remarkable.

Artistic Expressions during Onam

Art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, and Vallamkali (boat races) take center stage during Onam. These forms of artistic expression capture the essence of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage.


What Are The 10 Days Of Onam: Onam is more than just a festival; it’s a celebration of unity, diversity, and the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. The ten days of Onam embody the spirit of joy, togetherness, and devotion. As families come together to create intricate Pookalams, indulge in the grand feast, and participate in cultural events, they forge lasting memories and reinforce the importance of tradition.

FAQs: What Are The 10 Days Of Onam

  1. What is the significance of Pookalam during Onam?

    Pookalam, intricate floral arrangements, symbolize the welcoming of King Mahabali and the spirit of the festival.

  2. Why is Onam Sadhya served on banana leaves?

    Banana leaves are biodegradable and enhance the flavors of the dishes, making the feast a truly unique experience.

  3. What is the story behind King Mahabali and Onam?

    Onam commemorates the legendary King Mahabali’s annual visit to his kingdom, as granted by Lord Vishnu.

  4. Are boat races a significant part of Onam celebrations?

    Yes, boat races, known as Vallamkali, are an integral aspect of Onam festivities, showcasing Kerala’s close ties with water bodies.

  5. How does Onam strengthen familial bonds?

    Onam brings families together for rituals, feasting, and cultural activities, fostering stronger connections and shared memories.